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Enzymes Development

All the products offered by CPC Biotech are developed in our R&D lab, starting from genes screening/cloning up to production and formulation. Our approach in research is always to think about “something new and different” in respect to the already existing products into the market. For that many CPC Biotech products are unique in the market and covered by trade mark.

Main point of strength of our enzymes are:


High stability of CPC enzymes ensure long expiry date and allow to ship worldwide.

Optimal Formulations

CPC Biotech enzymes are offered in different formulation depending on the final application and usage. We offer lyophilized (sterile and not sterile) form, suspension in ammonium sulfate, liquid sterile, immobilized enzyme and any customized formulation and pack size.

From Enzyme Discovery to Enzyme Production


Specific enzymatic activities are selected by our scientist either by genome database analysis and microbial collection screening.

Gene cloning

Genes coding for specific enzymatic activities are cloned and expressed.


Gene sequence is optimized for the codon usage of expression host cell line. Moreover expression of gene is tested in different cell lines in order to increase productivity Proprietary tags are also used to enhance protein solubility.

Fermentation optimization

Fermentation of recombinant organism expressing the enzyme of interest is optimized by working on fermentation media composition and fermentation parameters.

Extraction / purification

Enzyme of interest is extracted from fermentation and highly purified by chromatographyc or other techniques in order to obtain high purity grade.

Scaling up and production process

Once each step of the production is optimized in lab scale, the whole process pass to industrial/commercial production.

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