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About Us

CPC Biotech is an Italian SME founded in 2006 and today represents one of the most important world player in the market of analytical enzymes.

Our innovative products, built up in the R&D labs from gene cloning up to their final formulations, are unique in the global market and some of them are also covered by trade mark license.

Exclusive supply agreement signed with big international group like Merck-Millipore represents one of our last evidence of the high-quality standard offered by CPC Biotech.

At the beginning of 2018, CPC Biotech acquired the business unit of Neomed s.r.l. related to the production of ready to use microbiological soils . Thanks to this acquisition, CPC Biotech has further consolidated its leading role in the pharmaceutical sector, as it is now able to offer both enzymes and soils added with the enzymes themselves.



The hallmark of CPC Biotech is its commitment to the development and optimization of large scale enzyme productions dedicated to sustainable industrial manufacturing of bulk chemicals.

CPC Biotech has its main expertise in fed batch fermentation technology and scale up studies for the production of recombinant enzymes at industrial level. The company establishes itself not only as a partner for chemical and pharmaceutical companies but also as an opportunity for academic labs to develop their enzymes up to commercial scale.

CPC Biotech is your ideal partner in manufacturing enzymes for diagnostic kits, biosensors and other medium-small scale productions with particular attention in price to quality optimization.

Our Team

CPC Biotech team is composed by highly qualified employers with at least a degree in the field of life science.
The deep knowledge and experience in the fields of molecular biology, biochemistry, enzymology, fermentation techniques and DSP represent the “core strength” of our team.

Our Strenght


CPC Biotech is certified ISO 9001:2015. Processes traceability and high quality level are ensured by the ISO-GMP like system adopted in the company.


High stability of CPC enzymes ensure long expiry date and allow to ship worldwide.

Optimized Formulation

CPC Biotech enzymes are presented in different formulation depending on the final application and usage. We offer lyophilised (sterile and not sterile) form, suspension in ammonium sulfate, liquid sterile, immobilised enzyme and any customised formulation and pack size.

Customer Care and Techical support

We believe our mission does not finish with selling. Technical support to our customers is part pf our products.

Fast delivery

We know and understand how important is for our customers a punctual and fast delivery. For this we always keep products in stock and we ship worldwide within 48 hours from order receipt.
CPC Biotech opened the new site for production of microbiological RTU media in Vedano al Lambro
CPC Biotech released Aminosniper™, the first and unique product available for Aminoglycosides inactivation.
CPC Biotech acquired the business unit of Neomed s.r.l. starting the production of microbiological RTU media
CPC Biotech released MacrodusterTM, the first and unique product available for macrolids inactivation
CPC Biotech signed an agreement for its product Lactamator™ with Merck-Millipor
CPC Biotech completed the building up of its first own facility close to Milan
Certification ISO 9001:2008 for quality
CPC Biotech signed an exclusive distribution agreement for its product Lactamator™ with Heipha Dr. Muller

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