Carbamator™/ Carbamator™Plus

Carbamator ™ and Carbamator ™ Plus have been developed in the CPC Biotech laboratories to release highly efficient enzymatic products mainly in the degradation of carbapenems. Both enzymes belong to the class of carbapenemases which are beta-lactamases specifically able to hydrolyze different classes of antibiotics, such as penicillins, cephalosporins and, precisely, carbapenems.


Carbamator ™ was developed with the aim of providing a highly specific enzymatic product for the complete and effective inactivation of high concentrations of carbapenems (concentrations that are usually used by pharmaceutical companies in environmental monitoring and sterility tests).

The Carbamator ™ Plus was created with the aim of creating an innovative product with a broader spectrum of action going in fact to combine the enzymatic activity of cephalosporinase with that on carbapenems. Carbamator ™ Plus is used for sterility testing, environmental monitoring and total count.

Formulations and pack size

Carbamator ™ and Carbamator ™ Plus are available as non-sterile lyophile products.



Cod. CRB-MP Bulk

Cephalosporinase Specific Activity (IU/mg of powder)  > 20

Carbapenemase Specific Activity (IU/mg of powder)     > 30


Carbamator™ Plus (Broad Range β-Lactamase)

Cod. CRK-MP Bulk

Cephalosporinase Specific Activity (IU/mg of powder) ≥ 20

Carbapenemase Specific Activity (IU/mg of powder)     ≥ 5

Pack size: 500 KU, vials.


Carbamator™/ Carbamator™Plus - CRK MP-BULK-500

Scheda Tecnica

CRK CRB 071220

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