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Enzymes Portfolio


In the pharmaceutical sector, CPC Biotech is today a point of reference for antibiotic companies and regulatory agencies. CPC Biotech develops highly innovative enzymes for the inactivation of antibiotics, enzymes that are used to perform sterility tests, total counts, environmental monitoring and media-fill as indicated in USP. CPC Biotech was the first company able to produce a broad spectrum beta-lactamase in sterile liquid formulation ready to use (LactamatorTM) and the first ever to have developed and released on the market a product specifically dedicated to the inactivation of Macrolides (MacrodusterTM). In the field of analytical chemistry, CPC Biotech produces enzymes mainly used in diagnostic kits for the identification and quantification of contaminants and / or analytes such as sugars, acids, alcohols, both on biological samples and on food matrices such as wine, fruit juices, beer, baked goods, etc. All our enzymes are developed and produced in a GMP-like environment to guarantee their highest quality. Find below the complete list of our enzymatic products; for specific needs or if you are looking for a product not listed please contact us! We have the development of many new enzymes in the pipeline, maybe we are developing just what you need.

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